Choosing the Right Computers for Maximizing ROI

Computers impact digital dentistry by improving the overall efficiency and accuracy of dental procedures. Newer innovations and technology have replaced many traditional manual tasks, such as taking dental impressions and designing restorations and diagnostic wax-ups, with automated processes that are more accurate and less time-consuming.  

Evident Partners with exocad to Offer Seamless CAD Design Outsourcing for Dental Businesses


This strategic partnership will help exocad customers scale their business, by offering an integrated design service to tackle design bottlenecks and grow their product offerings. With this seamless integration, exocad customers can manage overflows easily.  

Recession Survival Guide for Dental Labs

The dental industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic recession, but with the right strategies in place, it is possible for dental labs to weather the storm and emerge even stronger.  

Building Bulletproof CAD/CAM Techs

Jack also discussed the role of digital technologies in the dental industry. He explained that digital technologies, such as the AI Digital Workflow, are transforming the way dental restorations are made. With digital technologies, technicians can take a great impression and produce a great scan, which makes the process faster and more accurate.

Bump Up Your Dental Practice Revenue with 3D-Printed Aligners

Dr. Rick Ferguson, a dental industry expert who has decades of experience in the field and is also a prolific lecturer globally for dental practices summarizes the benefits best: Cost savings, convenience, control, and competition.

Introducing The All-New Evident Hub

This cutting-edge system is designed to streamline and optimize the daily digital workflow of dental practices, helping customers save time and increase their return on investment.

Stories that Sell: Marketing Tips for Your Dental Lab

Marketing is storytelling, and a sound story is a sound strategy.

Understanding the Winning Story: Why Market Your Dental Lab?


As the owner of a dental lab, you are no longer expected to be just credible. You should also know how to communicate your credibility. And this is why effective marketing matters.

Rest assured, evident Designs has got you covered

Having been in the industry for so many years, we have optimized our design center to accommodate the many unexpected situations that come up.

12 major updates to evident Lab Management Software in 2019

evident has had over 100 software updates in 2019. Read on to learn about the top 12 updates that improve your lab management experience.