Stories that Sell: Marketing Tips for Your Dental Lab

If successful brands teach us anything, it is this—a good marketing strategy reinforces your unique story. The industry is so saturated with competition that businesses today must make an effort to be seen and heard.

As a dental lab, crafting an authentic and clear story will not only bring a thousand smiles to your customers but also help you understand the winning formula distinct to your own. So what can the right story bring to your brand? Here are three things why you should consider marketing your lab.

  • Builds Stickiness and Recall

Dental labs look similar to one another and it’s hard to differentiate yours from the rest. Effective marketing builds an image of your brand that no one else can claim. You must be able to answer the question: what makes your lab unique?

Think of creating a personality. When you create a consistent story that resonates with the right people, it will also be easier for them to remember. This is important so that when the opportunity for a sale comes, your brand is on the top of the customer’s mind.

  • Clarifies Your Goals

Marketing is a tool to help you understand your vision and concretize your business goals. Think of it this way: If you are able to narrow down what you need to achieve, then you are able to name the steps to get there. 

You can’t conquer what you can’t name after all. And so a tip for those who do not know what direction to take—begin with the end in mind.

  • Identifies What Matters Most

We all know how exhausting selling a product or service is. What’s more troublesome is not knowing if our efforts are actually doing something. In reality, this only happens if you’re implementing the wrong strategy.

Marketing reveals what is necessary and what is not. In doing so, you channel your energy to the right pieces. The bulk of your efforts should be directed to the things that get you more sales and accounts. You have to understand that marketing is only considered noise, if you’re talking to the wrong audience. 

Marketing is storytelling, and a sound story is a sound strategy.

6 Key Aspects of a Winning Marketing Story

Now that we have established the importance of a compelling marketing story, it’s time to dig deeper into the elements that make it a winning one. 

  • The Main Character

In any marketing story, the hero is always your customer. For dental labs, it’s the dentists. When you understand who your story is all about then you’ll understand the best way to serve them.

What is your hero like? What matters to him or her most? Flesh out the main character and you’ll connect with them on a more personal level.

  • The Problem or Conflict

What is it that plagues your potential customers? What challenges do they have on a daily basis? For a dental lab, it could be a labor shortage or it could be an inefficient delivery system. Or it could be something else you haven’t discovered. 

Your lab’s ability to get new accounts depends on how well you understand the customer’s worries. Knowing their pain points can help you position your brand better and in effect create stories that resonate better.

  • The Guide

Once the character and their problems are fleshed out, this is where you—the guide—comes in. If you are able to discern the customer’s pain points accurately, chances are they will listen more intently to what you’ll say. 

And of course, as the guide you should know what to communicate. What you offer as the dental lab must align with their problems. Otherwise, why would they choose you as their guide? Present yourself as a credible authority by being a credible authority.

  • The Plan of Action

Talking about solving a customer’s problem is one thing, showing a plan of attack is another. As the guide, how will you solve the conflict? What is it that you bring specifically to the table? Communicate that clearly.

When you offer concrete services that align with the sentiments of your audience, what you have is a winning recipe for brand and customer chemistry.

  • The What Ifs

Sometimes fear is a great motivator and you must let your clients imagine an unideal scenario without your dental lab. What will they miss if they don’t buy into your service?  What’s at stake? Whatever it is, a good marketing story portrays the dire consequences of not doing business with you.

  • The Success Scenario

Conversely, show the audience how great their life will be if they decide to work with you. This is what’s called a social proof. You must present evidence that backs your claim. That’s why testimonials are powerful motivators because they retell authentic experiences with your brand.

Ultimately, a winning story is a story that invites action. As a digital dental company that has grown exponentially amid a global health crisis,Evident knows a thing or two about stories that move customers to action. Let our expertise on digital tools simplify your workflows.Connect with us and let’s discover your own winning formula.

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