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Evident software is designed to help labs grow in a digital and traditional world – from Cloud Based Lab Management, Outsource Digital Designs, Digital Marketing, Credit Card Systems, Intraoral Scanning. That’s why it is the world’s #1 lab management software – it connects dentists to labs in a seamless workflow whether they practice in a traditional or digital world. We are lab people at heart and we have operated our own labs in the past and have walked in your shoes:

  1. Case management – Booking in cases into one, consolidated area (Quick and easy)

  2. Case tracking – Being able to identify where the case is (No search party required)

  3. Storage – One area to store all of dentist files (Having the ability to link it to it’s corresponding case)

  4. Receivables – Being able to process receivables in the software is a plus. Instead of having to hold onto Quickbooks for that too.

  5. Doctor Portal – Lock in accounts by helping them manage their interaction with your lab (Payments, case submission, pulling invoices and statements etc.)

    Fast fact: If you are on evident software, we have machine learning systems that can also predict how to grow your customers.

Production Management

Digital Dental Designs

Marketing Support

Credit Card Collections

Intraoral Scanning

Machine Learning & Analytics

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