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Why This Guest:

David Avery, TE, CDT, Director of Laboratory Sales at SS White Dental, has over 45 years of experience as a dental technician and in laboratory management as well as consulting for dental schools, manufacturers, and laboratories. He has taught and lectured at numerous dental schools and residency programs, as well as published over 60 articles in clinical and laboratory journals. Additionally, he serves on various editorial boards and advisory committees within the dental industry.

Why This Topic:

With the rise of 3D printing in the dental industry, many labs are facing challenges in finishing these restorations for more custom and accurate results. Learn from one of the most established Dental  lab technologists about practical tips and actionable points to improve the quality of 3D printed restorations and stand out against the competition.

Why Now:

Stay current with the latest techniques and solutions for improving your restorations! Our next webinar is your chance to get ahead and learn from a seasoned expert like David Avery abo

FEATURING: David Avery, TE, CDT, Director of Laboratory Sales at SS White Dental

TOPIC: Current Status of the Dental Laboratory Business and What the Future May Bring

TIMING: Wednesday, April 12th, 2023 at 10 AM PST, Or Watch Webinar On-demand

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