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The Hub

In a revolutionary new partnership, we are proud to be working with Dr. John Kois and the Kois Center to make digital dentistry easy. The Hub was created out of a shared vision with the Kois Center to have an open, HIPAA compliant system designed to help manage a patient’s case and all the files associated with it, regardless of the different systems you are using in your practice.  Think of it as a confidential digital case pan that stores all of your patient information (scans, X-rays, pictures, notes, Rx’s, etc…) in one place, which makes collaborating with your partner labs and specialists so much easier!

With the Hub you can:

  1. Connect with your labs to send cases digitally

  2. Share information with your specialists

  3. Access Kois approved digital designs

  4. Store all your digital files

  5. Start using today, even if you don’t have a scanner

  6. Send scans directly to the Hub with your Carestream scanner

To learn more about how to integrate the Hub into your practice, check out the digital course at the Kois Center.

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