Offer Evident Aligners For A Better ROI

Designed by orthodontists, Evident Aligners gives you complete control of your Aligners workflow. You get:

  • Better ROI

  • Better Turn Around Time

  • Better Results

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What’s included

  • Proprietary case presentation tool

  • Detailed aligner plan with videos

  • Dedicated digital treatment expert

  • Unlimited training and support

  • Fabricated aligners delivered in 7 days

What you need to get started:

  • Clean STLs:

    • Maxillary scan

    • Mandibular scan

    • Bite scan (in MIP or teeth touching)

  • Photos:

    • Full face (not smiling)

    • Full face (smiling)

    • Profile (not smiling)

For additional information, email us at info@evidentlabs.com