Why we match you with a dedicated team of designers

Evident Design Center/Evident

Evident Design Center/Evident

Have you ever been worried about hiring a new CAD-CAM designer who ‘just doesn’t get it’? Or you figured you’d try working with a design center but now you’re tearing your hair out going back and forth correcting and fixing all this work because they have absolutely no idea who you are, or what you like? Even worse when you’ve trained up your own designer but now 90% of your digital workflow is dependant on them! It’s already hard enough to find good talent! We’re just as cautious of that as you are, and that’s why we love to play ‘matchmaker’ and pair you with your own dedicated team of designers. Those worries fade away quicker than the design turnaround (which is insanely fast). “Evident is forever” – we’re in it for the long run!

They know you like they’re your own employee

Lab reviewing Evident Designs case/Evident

Lab reviewing Evident Designs case/Evident

Familiarity builds trust – and we want you to trust your design team. It’s important to us that they get to know you, especially your specific design preferences. That’s why once we’ve matched you, they’re trained to know exactly what you want and like. They’ll even check in, just to make sure everything is going smoothly. It’s like talking to your own technician, but better. Support and feedback is just a phone call away.

You know exactly what you’re getting

Dedicated team of expert designers/Evident

Dedicated team of expert designers/Evident

You are value driven; so are we! You’ll have peace of mind and one less thing to worry about. With your smaller, dedicated design team, you’ll always know whatever you get back is exactly what you want, no matter how many units you send. Your team is always accountable and will never give you the run around, so if you need a rush case or just some help, you’ll always know exactly who to go to first time. The results are predictable.

Strong relationships = Success + More Money + More time

Regular feedback and preference checks/Evident

Regular feedback and preference checks/Evident

We’ve all been there, repeating the same thing over and over again and feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall, it’s not only frustrating – it’s a waste of your time. That’s why we know having strong relationships with your team help you build success. Your design team will always understand your expectations the first-time round, which means consistency and less time fixing mistakes. This leaves more time focusing on other important aspects of your business, or even freeing up some spare time just for yourself! Like I said before, we’re in it for the long run.

Don’t fall behind this busy season

Here are a couple of scenarios you might find yourself in:

  1. You need another designer but don’t have time to train them

  2. You want to start offering products you couldn’t offer before

  3. You are looking for a design center that has top-notch quality, consistency and communication but don’t know where to start

Regardless of which scenario you find yourself in, it’s time you caught up with the rest of the 100+ labs that use Evident Designs! Let us worry about the digital know-how. All you’ve got to do is make your scanner pay for itself by using it to its full potential.

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