Watersedge Dental Laboratory makes Canada’s top 500 fastest growing companies

Watersedge Dental Laboratory/Facebook

Watersedge Dental Laboratory/Facebook

“Started from the bottom now we’re here.” Hope you understood the Drake reference (go Canada go)!

Each year, Canadian Business and Maclean’s releases an inclusive list of the top 500 fastest growing companies in Canada. Representing a diverse collection of industries and size by area, the list comprises of 500 “entrepreneurial superstars” who have shown incredible growth and success.


This year, we are proud to see one of the dental labs we work with on the list, Watersedge Dental Laboratory, which ranked 3rd in Ottawa and 37th nationwide alongside big names such as Shopify and Article. Watersedge Dental Laboratory had a growth rate of 1967% over the past five years hitting between the $2-5 million bracket in revenue in 2018.

We are thrilled to have been recognized on Maclean’s and Canadian Business’ definitive list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Businesses, the 2019 Growth 500. To have ranked so high on the list, alongside some of Canada’s greatest business success stories, the award reaffirms our belief that this a great time for Canadian dental labs.

Robert Waters, President and Founder of Watersedge Dental Laboratory, says he is excited for the future of digitized dentistry and plans to take the team to an international level,

The further integration of digitized dentistry still gets my blood pumping. I’m looking forward to further innovation in production modalities that will continue to allow our team to remain competitive on not just a local level, but a National and International level.

Robert Waters, President and Owner/Watersedge Dental Laboratory

Robert Waters, President and Owner/Watersedge Dental Laboratory

When asked what tips he has for others in the industry, he says,

If you’ve got the drive, are fortunate enough to surround yourself with great people and have equipped yourself with the right tools, there are no limitations to the success you can achieve. Thanks for your support Evident!

See the full list at: https://www.canadianbusiness.com/lists-and-rankings/growth-500/2019-ranking-g500/

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