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The digitization of dentistry is changing the dental experience for the better! Digital Dentures is the most recent advancement in denture technology.  It allows for shorter production time, more durable materials, significantly lower patient-dentist time, and increased efficiency for the lab.

Traditional Dentures require several appointments for molds, fittings and adjustments, and maybe extractions. It is carved manually from the impression taken, and it requires time and takes several steps before the patient can have the first fitting and further adjustments. This process can take up anything from 5 to 7 appointments, consuming the patient’s time, the dentist’s capacity to see other patients, and the lab’s capacity to fulfill other cases. If there is any significant change needed, damage to the denture, or in the worst-case scenario it is lost, the process must restart. 

Digital dentures have many advantages since they are much faster! It saves time for the dentist, the dental technician, and the patient. The first step can be the traditional impression to be digitally scanned or a digital scan of the mouth. Following that, the digital designer will design the denture on specific software such as 3shape and exocad. The first significant difference is during the design, where there are several checks to make sure the teeth and bite are in the best position. The denture is then ready to be printed or Milled directly into a resin that is 8x more resistant than the traditional acrylic material. This entire process from impression and fittings takes about 3-4 dentist visits, saving time for everyone involved. If there is any change, damage, or loss to the denture, all you need to do is re-print from the original file!


What are the advantages for labs to provide digital dentures?

As a lab, Digital dentures are a great advantage saving one very precious asset: TIME.

The reduction in processing time increases efficiency and profitability by allowing your team to work on more cases.  No more waiting, the acrylic used on traditional dentures must be cured before technicians can safely handle it. However, the resin used on digital dentures requires no curation process, speeding the process even more!

How can evident help you?

We can help you work even more efficiently, saving you TIME and helping you GROW.

Leave the design process to our expert team of designers. We work on your designs while you work on other cases. All our designs are made to your specific preferences and parameters.

Having a team ready to work allows you to take on more cases, offer new products, grow, optimize, and respond to demand without overloading your in-house team!

Let us help you grow! Fill the form below and the evident team will contact you.

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