Dear dental lab owners, take time for yourself

Roadtrip vacation/Pexels

Roadtrip vacation/Pexels

In ancient times, vacations were the space between the hunt or the harvest. This was the time to do other tasks like building shelter, repairing tools, making art, be with family, and explore new territory. Studies show that humans benefit from time away from their normal, day to day work to reduce stress, recharge and increase creativity.

In my position at Evident Designs I have the opportunity to talk with some dental lab owners who tell me they are just too busy to take time off. They also struggle to give staff the freedom to take time off while making sure cases get finished and shipped on schedule.

This concerns me because research shows that everybody benefits from time away from work:

  1. Vacations reduce stress which can dramatically improve your health

  2. Time away from work actually helps you perform better when you return to work

  3. Giving your mind some rest helps you think about the company’s future more clearly

Vacation does not need to be a complex trip to an exotic land. A “staycation” can give your body the rest it needs and your mind the opportunity to think freely and creatively. You can use “staycations” to balance the need to do home and auto repairs along with the freedom to take a long drive, visit a museum, try a new restaurant or visit a festival at a nearby town. It also gives you more time to spend with family and friends with a relaxing board game or a nice meal.

With so many benefits why do people skip taking time away from the lab?

Evident Designs customers know they can trust their team and their partnership with Evident to give them the time they need away from the lab. They reap the rewards of taking time off and come back to the lab with a new perspective, more creativity and closer ties to family and friends. If you have not been able to take time off on a regular basis, now is the time to make a change.

Send me an email at gkennedy@evidentlabs.com and let’s talk about the benefits of partnering with Evident design.

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